Hunter Carson

How I Became A Coach

Take a look at some of the top leaders, professionals, and athletes in the world—they all have coaches, mentors, and other advisors to help them get where they are and stay at the top of their field.

Midway through my college experience at the University of Georgia, I was searching for summer internships. Nothing had really sparked my interest until I came across an opportunity to run an exterior house painting franchise. The mentors and colleagues I worked with there taught me how to be a business owner, how to use difficulties and problems to help me evolve, and introduced me to the power of personal development.

That year, I learned how valuable servant leadership was, how to delegate responsibilities to others, and the importance of drawing attention to what you are creating with your life to be successful with it. I knew then that I would be called to be an entrepreneur and business owner the rest of my life.

In books, I found many mentors and role models to guide me in ways the people around me couldn’t: in business, health, philosophy, relationships, spirituality, and a new paradigm for life itself. I continued to work with first-time entrepreneurs like myself and also served as a career coach helping others navigate what they really want to do in life. After this, I started a real estate investment company in the Atlanta area that has been doubling in production ever since it started.

I believe that we are all given various talents, passions, and gifts so that we can better serve others. I began working with others in a coaching and mentoring role because I know through experience that it sustainably energizes me and I believe it is the best way I can serve others and impact the world. Helping people who need guidance achieve a goal, arrive at an answer to a deep question, or change their life for the better is what gets me excited and makes me feel most alive.

About Me

"To empower, encourage, and coach others to examine their lives and vocations so that they find purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.”

I graduated from the University of Georgia with a double major in Finance and Management and my certificate of Entrepreneurship and married my soul mate, Anna.

Besides coaching, I own a real estate house flipping business in the Atlanta area where we have flipped dozens of homes and grown into a thriving local business out of nothing. I invest in rental properties, currently owning several Airbnbs, single-family houses, and even some commercial properties. This entrepreneurial and investment experience plays a big role in how I coach other young people who struggle in these areas of life.

I attend Buckhead Church, where I have led men’s groups and serve as a mentor for Renew. In my mentor position here, I’ve helped many young men grow deeper in their faith and navigate life’s hardships.

In my heart, I am a seeker of adventure, knowledge, and self-discovery in all areas of life. I am a builder of people, producer of passion, and catalyst for profound growth. My friends, colleagues, and clients describe me as optimistic, calm, inspiring, thoughtful, responsible, and a visionary. They know that I bring a gentle, humble confidence to the world through the people I know and work with.

In my free time, I like to read, enjoy the outdoors, hike, play sports, and watch college football.

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