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My Coaching Process

During our session, I ask challenging, deep, and thoughtful questions designed to confront existing perspectives and assumptions. This Socratic process helps my clients gain clarity over their latent blindspots. The questions I ask often lead to answers never before considered.

Learn through analogies, stories, parables, anecdotes, and metaphors that I use to illustrate insights, change perspectives, and challenge current beliefs. They are easy to remember since emotions are connected to them. Some of the best teachers, like Jesus and Buddha, used parables, stories, and metaphors to present complex truths.

You will create a desired outcome for each session so that we stay focused on the most important issue you are currently facing. At the end of every coaching session, we will formulate actions to take in order to help move you closer to achieving your goals. I strongly believe that by taking action and creating accountability, you will achieve your goals very quickly.

How It Works

Why Is Coaching Useful


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Christine Walters



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My Story

The coaches and mentors I have had (and still have) in my life have left a huge impact on where I am today and how I look at the world. One of the first coaches I ever had was my middle school tennis coach. He introduced me to the concept of mental toughness, along with many other things. From that moment, I was hooked.

Of course, my coach greatly helped me improve my tennis game from a technical, mental, and strategic perspective. But more importantly, the experience taught me countless life lessons that would go on to apply outside the game too. The most important lesson was that without coaches and mentors to guide us, we can only learn so much about ourselves and life on our own.

When we tap into the experience and knowledge of a coach, we learn at a much quicker pace than we can ever achieve by our solitary efforts.

Hunter - My Story
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